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What do you get when you order a real estate video service?

We showcase the highlights of the listing by using modern tools and cameras that create a beautiful video of your property/listing.

Our videographers are professionally trained. They make sure to showcase the beauty of your listing by creating modern and artistic shots which help attract buyers.

All our videos come with contemporary licensed music. We have a very wide catalog of music with different genres and beats to please all our clients’ tastes.
The music is licenced to run on multiple marketing and social media platforms such as youtube, instagram, facebook etc.

Custom build graphics, such as titles , captions and your branding are included in the video. Our editors are specialized in creating beautiful graphics by using modern and stylish fonts that match your branding style.

Lifestyle Video

A popular real estate video type is the “Lifestyle Video with Area Footage”

The Lifestyle Video includes area footage of the neighbourhood where the property is located. The footage includes coffee shops, parks, restaurants, shopping centres etc.

Realtors can choose and send a list of the areas that they want us to include on the video.

With this Lifestyle video you are not only showing your listing but also showcasing the beautiful neighbourhood and all the amazing parks and facilities in the area.

Social Media Video

For an extra 75$ you can order a 59 second video which you can you use on your social media platforms such as instagram, facebook etc.

This video is a shorter version of the full video and it can be ordered as an add-on to the full video. We focus more on the highlights of your listings and make sure to create a great short video which is very appealing for the prospect buyers.

Feel free to contact us by email or give us a call if you have any other questions. Will be happy to assist you and answer all your questions

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