Photography for real estate: How much does a real estate photoshoot cost?

Professional photography for real estate in Vancouver is a must. Competition is high for real estate agents and property managers marketing their listings or rentals in British Columbia.
There are about 26,000 licensed Real Estate Professionals in BC, according to the Real Estate Council of British Columbia. Half of them are in Vancouver.
Hiring a real estate photographer is the only way to keep up with the competition. (You might want to read “How Realtors Benefit?“)

How much does a real estate photoshoot cost?

real estate photography service in Vancouver, may cost up to a few hundred dollars. Here are some of the factors that make the price vary:

  • Size of property
  • Type of photography shooting technique
  • Photo-editing type of technique
  • Number of photos
  • Location

Size of property

Most of real estate photography companies in Vancouver start with a minimum base rate per size range. It goes from $130 – $180 for shooting properties up to 1,000 sqft. $200 – $250 for properties from 1,000 – 2,000 sqft. $250 – $300 for properties from 2,000 – 3,000 sqft. and so on.

Types of real estate photography shooting techniques

There are different types of photography for real estate. The most commonly used ones are the following:

  • Flash photography – One shot high resolution photography.
  • HDR Photography – This is done through a blending technique, known as “bracketing” where 7 shots with different exposure get blended in post production to make one image.
  • Twilight Photography – It is the hardest technique. The images are stunning, especially if the property has big windows. Twilight photography for real estate is a photo shoot session that takes place at the property, right after the sun sets and the sky is blue. This type of photography starts at $300 / $320 for properties up to 1000 sqft.

Photo-editing techniques for real estate photography

The main editing techniques in real estate photography are the following:

  • Light editing – It is the cheapest because the amount of time spent on editing photos with this technique is the lowest of the three.
  • HDR blending mode – It is a step higher than the Light editing technique for how the images look, and it takes 7 shots blended in one that makes it more time consuming and therefore more expensive.
  • Magazine-look type – It is the highest quality and look you can get. Photos grab the attention of any audience.

Number of photos

It is common that real estate photographers will have different rates based on the amount of photos the realtor needs for different listings. Most of the times it is never a fixed amount, and that is why you will see on their real estate photography rates saying, “up to 20” or “up to 25” photos.


It is also common that a real estate photography company charges travelling fee for properties that are further than 30kms away from downtown Vancouver, if that is the area they are located and serve mostly. Traveling fees go from $50 – $80.

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